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General introduction,      Gemeente Krimpenerwaard,          Naaste buren,
Streek recepten,             Woorden in de streektaal,              Zegswijzen in de Streektaal.

Contact,                          Using Google maps,                       Polution,
Hoogheemraadschap,    Krimpenerwaard news,                   Midden-Holland (I.S.M.H.),
Polders en waarden,      Routes de waard in en uit,              Roads in the polders.

While working on the website “Poland for the Dutch“, there also appeared to be much interest in the Netherlands by many outsiders. That is why the web site “the Netherlands without secrets” (holandia bez tajemnic) was started (was already the intention, to support Polish – Dutch contacts).

When working on these web sites (not finished yet), questions mainly arose about how the Netherlands is administratively connected and about those polders, dikes and rivers. Also the question: “how do these Dutch people live in those small villages in the polders” regularly come back. Although these polders form only a limited part of the Netherlands (especially of historical Holland) this website about the oldest polder system “Krimpenerwaard” is started. Questions about the almost deserted regional language, and sayings, the regional recipes (by the new inhabitants) and their surprise about the repeated municipal reclassifications in the Netherlands were additional reasons.

Again, comments, questions and contributions (photos, etc.) from readers are welcome. Also here, those questions are, may be, able to adjust the content somewhat.

Han Tiggelaar



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